July 31, 2015

a quick trip to Balboa.

hello there! 

My friend Renee and I took a quick drive to Balboa island today in hot pursuit of frozen bananas. 

For those who haven't had a frozen banana, it's somewhat self explanatory: a frozen banana, on a stick, covered in chocolate and dipped in a topping of your choice. They are delicious and a summer necessity. Renee had never had one, so I thought it was time to knock it off her bucket list. 

We also spent a bit of time walking down Balboa Drive, which is the street that has the most shops on the island. There are loads of boutiques and adorable cafes, but the stores are a bit pricey so Renee and I exercised a bit of self control. 

I only took a few photos because we only spent a few hours down on the island and didn't go walking around the bay (it was extremely hot today!) but it was a perfect day trip if you're looking to get out of the house. 

Where have you been this summer?

xx bb