December 8, 2012

Some Unknown Youtubers! || A Chatty Post

Hello There!

Today I thought I would share some Youtubers that I think deserve more attention. They work really hard, are funny and talented, and generally lovely, and I can't believe that they don't have more subscribers.

This hilarious duo called Molly and Shamika do fashion videos once a week. They answer subscribers' questions with funny, fashion-forward responses. I think they are really great because their style is very edgy, and they push the boundaries on new and trendy fashion. If you are looking for new fashion inspiration, then these are the girls for you. Plus their videos are not super long, so I never get bored with their films. 

Bunny (yes, that's her real name) is so weird and funny, and I love her so much. She makes me feel okay about being so crazy. She has such a cool style, and loves to shop at thrift stores too! She does any type of video, from beauty to fashion and just about everything in between. She is very "real" on camera, which is so refreshing compared to some of the other beauty gurus here on Youtube. 

I think I have talked about Nikkie before, but she is a funny girl who has the cutest (swedish?) accent. She is a professional makeup artist who is only 18! What I love is that she always does different tutorials, and doesn't just show a million neutral tutorials. If you are in a makeup rut, then this beauty guru will show you original looks that are inventive and fun. 

Whenever I need to know about a product or want a recommendation, I always look to Emily. She has so much makeup, so she has a wide range of knowledge on loads of products. I love that she describes, in detail, each product, with pros and cons, and everything that someone would need to know before buying a product. She does tutorials, reviews, and has a blog as well.

I love Gaby. She is so lovely and works so hard on her videos. She is one of my closest friends in the real world too! She has a chic and fabulous fashion sense, and she has just begun to do makeup and hair tutorials as well. 

Go and subscribe to these lovely ladies! They are all wonderful and deserve more recognition. 

What Youtuber do you think deserves a little more TLC?

xx BB