December 2, 2012

The "Winterlicious" Tag!

Hello There!

Today I did not want to take pictures or do a structured blog post with true purpose. Because the "Winterlicious Tag" has been getting so much hype, I thought I would do it myself! Once Thanksgiving comes and goes people go nuts and start putting up Christmas lights and singing holiday songs. So I thought I would join the crazy and tell you guys about what I like to do during the holiday season. There are 12 questions (12 days of Christmas?), but I changed one or two because I am not a candle person. With that, let's get started!

*all of my holiday blog posts will have this picture on them, as a part of my holiday "series!"*

Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
I have a lot of favorite nail polishes (I can never pick just one!), but I have a whole list of my top 10 fall and winter nail polishes that I will link here!

Favorite Lip Product?
Recently I bought the Black Cherry lipstick from Revlon. It's a deep oxblood color, and it looks beee-utiful on me. I wrote a whole post about everything oxblood here. I haven't owned a vampy lipstick like this before, and I am in love. Plus, it's only five dollars! Bargain!

Most Worn Winter Accessory?
I love scarves. I talked about this in my "Fall is Here!" blog post, but I can't explain how much I love scarves and how often I wear them. Any color, any style, I will put it on my body. I expressed my love for knit infinity scarves here.

Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece?
I have been wearing my Jeffrey Tyler black riding boots almost everyday since I got them for my birthday in mid-November. There are beautiful and fabulous and go with everything, and on the scale of expensive boots they are pretty cheap. I love them!

Jeffrey Tyler riding boots, $99 at Off Broadway Shoes(Provided by Off Broadway Shoes)

Favorite Holiday Activity?
I replaced the "Favorite Candle" question with this one because I thought everyone could answer it. My favorite Holiday activity is sitting by the fire, in my Snuggie, playing games with the family, or watching a film. I love being all cozy and warm during the holidays and not doing anything that requires intelligent thoughts. 

Favorite Winter Beverage?
I love going to TJ Maxx during the holidays and buying all the different kinds of hot chocolate. I love the peppermint or vanilla hot chocolate the best. But the drink that I get when I go to Starbucks, which is about once every four decades, is the chai latte. It's lovely.

All Time Favorite Holiday Movie?
Without question, my favorite holiday movie is "Love Actually." I you have not seen this film you are out of your mind. Stop reading this post and go buy it. It's the best feel good film ever, and it's like "Valentine's Day" or "New Year's Eve" but better, because the actors are actually talented and it's not generally dumb. Go watch it and you will fall in love with all of the characters. I know every word. I'm obsessed. 

Favorite Holiday Song?
My favorite holiday song is Joni Mitchell's "River." It's just so beautiful and calm, and I like it over the classic holiday songs. It's on my holiday playlist, and I will link it here.

Favorite Holiday Food?
Chocolate. It's never a bad time to eat chocolate, but during the holidays I have an excuse to eat to my heart's content. Godiva, See's- it's all good, and I will eat all of it. 

What is Your Favorite Holiday Decoration?
I love twinkly lights, and during the holidays I love to drive around my neighborhood and look at all the lights and decorations. My favorite type of light is the icicle, because it looks like the lights are "dribbling" form the roof. On a totally different note, I hate the word "dribbling." It's gross.

What's On the Top of Your Holiday Wish List?
I really want a gold, large face watch. Everyone seems to have them and they are so classic. This one from Fossil is beautiful too.


What are Your Plans for the Holidays?
This holiday season I just want to relax and not do anything. I won't be traveling anywhere, so I want to enjoy being at home with my family. 

Try this tag out for yourself, and link it below! What are you doing this holiday season?

xx BB